Ronan Sayburn MS

One of the great pleasures of my time working in the wine and restaurant industry has been the opportunity to nurture and train upcoming talent and to share my knowledge with others. I have been extremely lucky to have worked with some industry greats, served some amazing wines to extraordinary guests from royalty, politicians to movie and rock stars. I owe the wine world a great debt because it has allowed me to travel the world visiting the vineyards of some of the finest producers on the planet.

The subject of wine is an enormous area which covers many disciplines and sciences. It is a never ending process of learning. Despite the complexities of the wine world it should be enjoyable to learn about. Utimately wine is all about relaxed times and convivial atmosphere with friends and family over a nice bottle served with good food.

The way I like to teach is in an informal manner giving real life examples and stories wherever possible, hopefully never dull or laden with academia and reinforcing the learning with plenty of photographs, maps and good wines from around the globe to taste and enjoy.